De-watering Presses and Reject Compactors


Over the past eight years we have been developing and improving the CROFT DE-WATERING PRESS (COMPACTOR). Our latest machine incorporates a new design of screw which prevents any blockages or choking occurring between the screw and inlet hopper.

With the cost of waste disposal increasing all the time, we have developed our Compactors to give maximum dryness. They can handle reject from 5 - 20% solid content, such as that from Pulpers, Vibrating Screens, Reject Sorters, etc. and can give an end dryness of as high as 75% solid (dependant on reject content).

Croft Compactors require minimum maintenance, e.g. under normal conditions, the screw and bearing cartridge can be replaced in approx. two hours.

Our Compactors are manufactured in two sizes, (350 mm and 450 mm screw diameter) to suit almost any size of Mill.


1x SPROUT —BAUER SCREW PRESS---Ref, No : 003—996—115 SOLD!

Drive Motor 75 Hp & Gear Box:-- included
Base Frame:-------------------- St.St. Lined on all wetted parts.
Screen:------------------------ 1.4571-S St.St. Electro polished
Screw:------------------------- 1.4571-St.St.
Housing:----------------------- 100% 1.4571—S St. St.
Throughput at 3% Inlet:-------- 100 T/D at 30 %
SR:---------------------------- 20 to 25
Spare Basket:------------------ New Included
Spare Screw:------------------- New Included
Condition:--------------------- as new (as is )
Location:---------------------- Germany